About eBiz-U

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About eBiz-U

Minnetonka, MN

Mission Statement

To enable anyone to open and operate an online business easily, affordably, and professionally while supporting them with superior customer service and exceeding their expectations. Our goal is to do this with honesty and integrity to ensure the mutual success of our company and our customers.

eBiz-U was founded with a simple principle in mind: That anyone should be able to start a business on the Internet, with quality products and services, without spending a lot of money or getting "ripped-off" by deceitful business opportunities.

Since its inception in 2000 as a small start-up business, eBiz-U has grown as a recognized industry leader in Internet business by providing quality solutions, exceptional customer service, and simply by being honest with our customers.

Over the years, eBiz-U has made great strides as a business to ensure the trust of our customers. This includes registering as an accredited business with the State of Minnesota and adhering to all local and government regulations for running an online business. We also regularly advise our visitors and customers on best business practices and help guide them on the latest technology online that will help them succeed, even if those visitors do not end up as a customer of eBiz-U. Since we were founded, our goal has been to look out for the best interest of those looking to do business online.

The Internet is a wonderful place, filled with opportunities for those willing to work at it. Although starting an online business does not need to cost a lot of money, it does require effort, persistence, and patience. At eBiz-U, we hope to help you take advantage of those opportunities and to assist you wherever possible so that you will achieve your dreams.

L.J. Selcke
President and Founder
eBiz-U, Inc.


eBiz-U is a family-friendly company and is committed to upholding high ethical and moral standards. We do not tolerate "spam" (unsolicited email) or other methods that intrude upon or take advantage of consumers.


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