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30 Styles to choose from & 22 Store Types!


"First off, a salute to the technical support! They never fail to answer my request. I have a great looking website, and with the option to customize it myself, well that makes it even better. Most of all this is a great learning experience, for those who are new to online marketing like myself. If you are looking to start an online business, and don't know where to start, eBiz-U is the place." - esafeshopper


Store Types


Live Customer Sites (see some of our customer sites!)

Open a store selling All Products or open a Specialty Store! Every store is customized with the store name you choose along with other text or features you may want to add. We'll also work with you one-on-one to help you further customize your site!

Store Styles

Select from any style and then select what type of store you would like!
Click on any link and see a LIVE store example in action!

1. Style001
2. Style001a
3. Style001b
4. Style001c
5. Style001d
6. Style001e
7. Style002
8. Style002a
9. Style002b
10. Style002c
11. Style002d
12. Style002e
13. Style003
14. Style003a
15. Style003b
16. Style003c
17. Style003d
18. Style003e
19. Style004
20. Style004a
21. Style004b
22. Style004c
23. Style004d
24. Style004e
25. Style005
26. Style005a
27. Style005b
28. Style005c
29. Style005d
30. Style005e

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Store Types

You can specialize in any of these niche Store Types and use any style shown above!
Click on any link and see a LIVE store example in action!
(UK sites limited to products available from

1. All Products
2. Apparel
3. Automotive New!
4. Baby
5. Beauty & Health
6. Books
7. Camera/Photo
8. Computers
9. Electronics
10. Gourmet Food
11. Jewelry
12. Kitchen/Housewares
13. Magazines
14. Music
15. Office Supply
16. Outdoor Living
17. Pet Supply Products
18. Sports
19. Tools/Hardware
20. Toys & Games
21. Video (DVD & VHS)
22. Video Games

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We have your niche!

If you don't see the category you want above,
can name the products and we can create a specialty niche website just for you!

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Live Customer Sites

Here are a few "Live" customer sites. These are up and running 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can customize your website with your own links, banners, products, or other affiliate programs and make a nice income!


Little Princess Toys - (#1 on Google for "toys for little girls"!)


Lights Cameras Tripods -


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