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Many features of your website and online business can be accessed from this page. You will also find links here to other resources that you may find helpful.


Web Stats Page

Enter your domain name below to see you web stats page. This will show all hits to your home page. If you are not seeing hits, contact Support so they can check your site.

You can also go directly to: (replace with your domain)

Webmail (optional with Premium Services)
Enter your domain name to access email for your domain name through a web-based interface.

You can also go directly to: (replace with your domain)

Virtual Control Panel (optional with Premium Services)
The Virtual Control Panel is for setting up email, ftp, and other web services. To access it for your website, you will need to simply enter "/vpanel" at the end of your domain name.


A login box will then pop-up and you will enter the username and password provided to you.

Request Form
Submit a Request to eBiz-U for changes or adding something to your website if you don't want to do it yourself.

Amazon Associates Central
Login link to check your sales stats and also to get code for banners and links to add to your site.

Make Money with Google AdSense

FREE - The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing
Learn how to create a keyword strategy, optimize your website to get found, promote content through social media, and more!

Open another site, or as many sites as you want, and you pay No setup fee. (Only for existing eBiz-U members with at least one website. Fees are per website.)

Order an XML Sitemap for your website


Technical Support
You can use the form on this page to submit requests for technical support.

Success Tips
Visit the eBiz-U Succeed page for tips and suggestions on promoting your business.

Other Affiliate Programs
Looking for new banners and links to add to your site? Try these programs and earn money from a variety of sources. They're free to join!

- Commission Junction
- LinkShare

eBiz-U Book Store - Learn from the Pros
Here's a few good books that you can learn from and apply techniques to your website or marketing.

Optimize to Get the Most from Search Engines

HTML Code Checker - Use this form to see if the HTML code you want to add to your website is good. Also shows a preview so you can see what the code will produce.


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